About Us


Introduction of Shimi Samed Paya Mashhad Company

Shimi Samed’s set of the laboratories are the most significant ones that use of the most educated and professional staff as well as precise equipment and machinery and try to earn customer satisfaction. The purpose of this company includes satisfying customers in all of the aspects, providing the best service for customers in the shortest time, keeping security, and reliable. Honors of this laboratory include contributing to Iranian National Standard Organization as an associating laboratory for more than 12 years, association with codifying more than 32 national caption and try to work with companies, universities, and industrial organization. Implement ISO/IEC 17025, membership in testing and calibrating laboratories of Iranian National Standard Organization, active participation in codifying the international and national standards, and holding training courses that all of them are for customers.
We focus on utilizing professional experts, precise equipment according to international standards and modern software for fixing the costumers’ needs.

The History of Shimi Samed Paya Mashhad Company

Need for doing the researches and studies for developing of industrial purposes, optimizing ways of the production, controlling and administering to the raw materials and processes for acquiring the best quality for customer satisfaction had to us to establish this company with an area of 300 square meters in 1997.
It has a lot of progressive equipment for researching and control of the quality.
- In 2002, this laboratory was able to obtain a certificate of qualification approval from the Iranian National Standard Organization in fields of glue, paints, resins, and organic materials. Since same time, We have kept on our association with Iranian National Standard Organization, customs, and other customers in fields of matching standards, identifying genus types.
- In April 2014, the chemical research center of Samed renamed Shimi Samed Paya Mashhad Company and it knew as an independent company.
- In November 2014, this company employing professional equipment which was able to get laboratory’s qualification license from Iranian National Standard Organization in fields of matching standards in the fields of viscosity, conductivity and milliampere.
- Nowadays, we could provide a lot of service for universities, scientific and research centers, production units, and other laboratories.

Certificates and Honors of Shimi Samed Paya Mashhad Company