Test Laboratory

The Laboratory of Paint and Coating

Equipment and devices of this laboratory are divided into three categories based on physical, mechanical, and chemical-environmental characteristics control tests:
1) Physical characteristics identifying devices of Wet Paint such as Viscosity and Density measurement devices
2) Mechanical and physical characteristics identifying devices of Dry Paint such as Adhesion, Scotch resistance, and Bending strength measurement devices
3) Chemical and environment resistance checking devices of Paint and Coating (determining paint dry film resistance versus wet, Ultraviolet rays, Xenon, Accelerated weather conditions, and etc.)

The laboratory of Glue and Resin

Use of the most modern equipment and proficient staff in the laboratory make it one of the biggest specialist centers in Razavi-Khorasan Province that provides the laboratory service in the fields of the water base, solvent base, and resin glues.

The Laboratory of Formaldehyde and Organic compounds

Due to the laboratories of Shimi Samed Paya company have a lot of facilities, they would be able to do qualitative control, identifying, and matching according to the standards tests with formaldehyde solutions and other organic compounds.

The Laboratory of Solvents and Thinner

here are a lots of precise experimental equipment in the laboratory of Solvents and Thinner that are able to do the Device Tests. There are some of these tests as follow: