Calibration Laboratory

The Viscosity Laboratory

Shimi Samed Paya Mashhad company provides the calibration reference equipment’s and materials with valid certificates and stable environmental conditions. It’s honor to have the first laboratory that could obtain the certificate of accreditation laboratory from Iranian National Standardization Organization in Razavi Khorasan province.

The Electrical laboratory

Shimi Samed Paya Mashhad company provides a brand and valid electrical equipment such as Fluke of USA and so stable environmental conditions, supply measuring and producing milliampere for Instrumentation equipment. Developing the electrical laboratory in all of the electrical fields is the most important priority of Shimi Samed Paya Mashhad Company achievement.

The Conductivity Laboratory

Shimi Samed Paya Mashhad Company provides calibration reference solutions with international valid certificates and traceability. The solutions are so stable to environmental conditions which usable for supply the conductivity laboratory.
The reference solutions of this laboratory have international valid certifications and traceability.